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Holiday minis

Tis the season! Time to get your family photos done! Whether you're looking for photos of just the kids or the whole family, at Alice Lin Photography in Woburn, we can accommodate! 

Holiday Minis for the whole family!

Capture your family at this precious stage for the holiday season! 

For family photos you will enjoy a quick visit to Santas Workshop. He however will be out of town, but kind enough to let us visit!

For photos of just the kids, you will be able to choose from the White Tress and The Teddy Bear Shop

​There are 2 kids only set up for parents to choose from. The white xmas tree one will fit all kids. The Teddy Bear shop will only fit kids under 7. 

The Details:


Date: Weekends of Nov and Dec

Duration: 20 minutes

Including: 7 images - Up to 4 family members. Additional family member is $30 seating fee. 

Price: $299

Set up: Santa's workshop + White Tress or The Teddy Bear Shop

THE SANTA EXPERIENCE at Alice Lin Photography

Take a visit to Santas Workshop!

You and your family (or just the kiddos) will enjoy 15 magical minutes with Santa himself in his workshop!


The Details: 

Date: 11/11 

Duration: 15 minutes

Including: 7 images up to 4 family members. Additional kid will be $50. No extended family members. 

Price: $299

Setup: Santa's Workshop

Frequently asked questions

Here are 6 common questions I've received about my mini sessions in the past:

Q: What age is appropriate for a baby to join a mini session?

A: All of my mini sessions are tailored to babies who can sit without support. If your baby is under 6 months old or cannot sit up without assistance, I would suggest a full session customized for your baby. Additionally, some of my set-ups have height limitations, so children above a certain height may not fit comfortably in small set-ups. This information is always available on my session info page.


Q: What if my baby needs more time to warm up? Is 15-20 minutes enough?

A: My mini sessions are designed to capture 5-7 images, so they are typically brief. However, if your baby has a shy personality or is going through a "stranger danger" phase, they may require more time to warm up. In this case, I am happy to offer a longer version of each mini session. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in this option.


Q: How many pictures can I expect from a mini session?

A: My mini sessions usually result in a gallery of 10-15 images. From this gallery, you can choose your favorite 7 images.

Q: Does the workflow differ between mini sessions and full sessions?

A: For mini sessions, there is no pre-session consultation. Instead, all relevant information will be communicated to you via email. Additionally, there will be no "take-a-peek" photo sent after the mini session. However, the editing process for mini sessions will be similar to that of full sessions. Initially, you will receive soft edited images, and once you select your preferred ones, I will proceed with a second round of touch-ups.


Q: What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy for mini sessions?

A: Mini sessions are transferable, but please let me know who you are transferring the session to so that I can communicate with them directly. If you need to reschedule, I am happy to offer an alternative date (which may not be on a weekend). If you need to cancel your session, a cancellation fee will be charged before issuing a refund.


Q: Can we request a few specific poses or ideas for mini sessions?

A: While I have a well-planned workflow for all mini sessions that ensures the best results and high-quality pictures, I understand that you may have specific requests or need customization. However, for mini sessions, I am limited in time and may not be able to accommodate such requests. If you have specific ideas or would like more time for customization, I would recommend booking a full session with me.

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