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100 Days milestone | Boston Baby photographer

100-day milestone photo session

Julie discovered my services through a co-worker whose son had a memorable 100-day milestone session with me. Initially, Julie had planned to schedule a newborn or one-month milestone session. However, it's quite common for the first month after a baby's arrival to be chaotic. Consequently, we decided to opt for a 100-day milestone session instead. When it comes to newborn sessions, I highly recommend that moms plan ahead, as the window for such sessions is short. Once the baby is born, moms' hands are full, so proactive planning can save a lot of time later. For more information on the best time to schedule each baby milestone session, please refer to this blog post.

Baby Elise is an incredibly calm and contented baby who didn't cry at all during the session. We began by capturing some beautiful family photos in the cozy lifestyle corner of my studio, which turned out to be Julie's favorite collection.

Additionally, we created some elegant and timeless white backdrop portraits of baby Elise. Julie brought along an adorable shirt that added a touch of personal significance to the session. I always encourage parents to bring meaningful items that celebrate their unique culture for these sessions.

classic family portrait by Alice Lin Photography

100 days old baby portrait

100 days baby portrait

Book your baby's milestone today with Alice Lin Photography. At Alice Lin Photography, we provide all baby outfits and decors for baby portraits. You can come for a milestone session or a mini family portrait session. Ready to book? Contact me today!


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