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5 Reasons to Do a Cake Smash Session on Birthdays

As a children photographer, I love photographing babies' milestone, particularly the 1st birthday! I always recommend parents to do a cake smash session (or have cake smash as part of the session) for babies' birthday (doesn't have to be the first one! You can smash a cake for any age)

  1. Cakes are must-haves for celebration!

Adding a cake to the session immediately tell everyone what the session is about--Celebrate Birthdays! It completes the birthday vibe.

2. It is a Real Milestone to Capture!

For a lot of babies, having an entire cake by themselves is a completely new experience (they may have had a bit before. but, we are talking about the whole cake!) The way they exploring having the cake is a precious moment to capture. Yes, it will get messy. But that's who they are.

3. Cakes are the best props ever!

Why? Because they are fun, sweet and most importantly they get kids occupied. Babies will have so many different poses and facial impressions when they explore the cake. It adds a variety to the final gallery.

4. Everyone gets to enjoy the cake!

I don't like to waste food. I always invite the parents to take a bit with their babies during the session. It is the time for celebration. So let's all have the sweet the treat and remember this amazing first year!

To learn more about cake smash sessions, please request it here. Also feel free to contact me directly to book a session!

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Yao Li
Yao Li
Apr 24, 2023

This looks fabulous!

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