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5 Tips How to Prepare for the Newborn Session

Your family's upcoming newborn photography session is a thrilling moment, and it's perfectly normal to have some pre-session jitters. With a little advance planning, you can ease those nerves, fully savor the experience, and let the photographer work their magic, creating beautiful artwork featuring your precious little one.

Tip 1 - Packing Essentials

Pacifier: Even if your baby doesn't usually use one, it's a good idea to bring a few pacifiers to the session. Babies can get fussy during the shoot due to frequent movements, and pacifiers can help comfort them without interrupting the session unnecessarily.

Baby's Own Fuzzy Blanket: This familiar blanket provides warmth and security during posing, feeding, and transitions between setups. Your baby will feel snug and safe when covered with their own blanket during unswaddled poses.

Bottle of Milk: Whether your baby is formula-fed or breastfed, having a couple of bottles of formula or pumped milk on hand is highly useful. It allows the photographer to feed the baby during the session, eliminating the need to hand the baby back to you and potentially waking them up. Rest assured, bottles will only be used if necessary.

Tip 2 - Feed Your Baby Right Before You Leave

I recommend feeding your baby just before leaving for the session. The car ride to the studio often lulls them to sleep, and a full belly can help them stay asleep upon arrival. Avoid keeping your baby awake for too long before the session, as overly tired babies may become fussy.

Tip 3 - Dress Your Baby Appropriately

During the session, your baby will be undressed, both with and without a diaper, for various poses. To prevent waking them up when removing clothes, dress them in a front-zipper/button footie instead of over-the-head onesies.

Tip 4 - Prepare Other Family Members Attending the Session

Baby's Father: It's not just moms who prepare for the newborn session. Involve dad in the preparations too. Ensure he understands the session's process, duration, and the studio's environment, as newborn photography studios are unique. Setting his expectations will contribute to a smoother session for everyone.

Baby's Siblings: If siblings are joining the session, bring along plenty of books, small toys, or even a tablet to keep them occupied. If siblings need a break, dad can take them to a nearby playground or for a quick snack once their part in the session is complete.

Tip 5 - Dress Everyone Comfortably

The newborn session typically lasts 1-3 hours, depending on your baby's sleep patterns. Our studio is kept at a cozy 74°F, and we use a space heater in the posing area (if needed). Therefore, it's important for parents and siblings to dress comfortably for the warm studio environment. Feel free to relax in the reception area during the session, and make yourself at home.

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