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A Day in the Life of a Top Real Estate Agent and Mom of Three |Weston Family Photo session

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the home of Rose, a top real estate agent in the Boston area, to photograph her beautiful family. Despite juggling a successful business and three energetic children, Rose exuded positivity and warmth that made it clear why she's so successful in both her personal and professional life.

Weston Family Photo session in the pool

One of the things that struck me about Rose was how she managed to balance her demanding career with her busy family life. With three kids at home, it's no easy feat to find time for everything, but Rose seems to make it look effortless. Her company, Blue Ocean Realty, offers a variety of services from property buy/sell to management, which keeps her busy during the day. But when she's not working, she's fully present with her kids and enjoys spending time with them.

During my visit, Rose invited me to photograph her family in their beautiful home in Weston. We did a lifestyle session, which meant no warm-up time was needed. The kids simply went about their daily routine of having fun in the pool. Rose shared with me that during the summer, they would typically swim once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Their dad, who loves the pool just as much as the kids, joined in on the fun.

As a photographer, I've worked with many dads who express their discomfort in front of the camera. But my advice to them is always the same: just be the fun dad you already are. This was evident in Rose's home, where the energy was infectious and the love and fun were palpable.

It was a pleasure spending time with Rose and her family and seeing how they manage to balance work and play. Rose's success as a top real estate agent and mother of three is a testament to her hard work and dedication to her family and career. It's clear that she has a knack for finding joy in the little moments and making the most of every day.


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