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Arlington Cake Smash | Pilot Themed Cake Smash

Whenever I encounter a returning baby at my studio, I'm consistently amazed by how quickly they grow. One of the most gratifying aspects of my job is observing their transformation from tiny newborns to lively toddlers and eventually to young children. When I first met Dundun, he was merely one month old, and now he's celebrating his momentous first birthday.

Typically, it's the moms who reach out to me for most sessions, and I seldom have contact with the dads until the actual session date. However, Dundun's sessions were unique in that they were consistently organized and coordinated by his enthusiastic dad, David. While the mom played a role in the process, it was David who took the lead.

Dundun has been to my studio 3 times since he was born. His parents said it was so convenient for them to drive from Arlington, MA to my studio in Woburn.

Our session commenced with capturing some heartwarming family photographs against a classic white background.

I always welcome grandparents to my studio. Dundun's grandpa looks so young and energetic.

This was followed by the beloved Chinese zhuazhou ceremony and the creation of a traditional Chinese painting portrait.


And, of course, no first birthday celebration would be complete without a joyous cake smash! Dundun had an absolute blast.

arlington cake smash photo by Alice Lin Photography

Cake Smash photos by Alice Lin Photography

pilot themed cake smash in Boston, MA

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