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Artist Portrait Photography

Art has a unique way of connecting people and fostering meaningful relationships. I've been fortunate enough to witness the blossoming talent of an exceptional artist and entrepreneur, Fenway, throughout the years. Our journey began when we crossed paths at a local mom group meet-up, and from that moment on, her passion for art and unwavering drive has left an indelible mark on me.

Fenway Portrait taken by Alice Lin Photography

From the first encounter, it was evident that Fenway possessed an innate artistic gift. Her creations, particularly her paper artwork, revealed the depth of her talent and the boundless creativity she possessed. Each piece was a testament to her meticulous attention to detail and the emotional resonance she infused into her work. It was impossible not to be captivated by her artistry, and I knew immediately that Fenway was destined for great things in the art world.

What truly impressed me about Fenway was not only her artistic prowess but also her entrepreneurial spirit. She fearlessly ventured into the world of small business ownership, channeling her passion for art into a thriving venture. Her determination and unwavering dedication to her craft served as an inspiration to those around her, myself included. Fenway's tenacity and relentless pursuit of her dreams were qualities that I greatly admired, and they played a significant role in our collaboration.

Fenway played a pivotal role in helping me find the perfect home for my studio. We became neighbors at Cummings property in Woburn, MA. Photographing Fenway's art was an absolute pleasure. As an artist, she effortlessly expressed herself through her art. Fenway's fearlessness in front of the camera and her impeccable sense of style added an extra layer of enchantment to her creations. To find more of Fenway's beautiful art work, visit her website or her shop.

Boston Portrait Photography

Boston artist portrait


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