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Baby David | Woburn Newborn Photographer

Working with Stefanie has been an absolute delight. She is one of the most responsive and efficient mom I’ve worked with. Our communication via email was always quickly and effectively. During our pre-session consultation call, circumstances took an unexpected turn when her OB appointment ran longer than expected. But Stefanie's resourceful husband, James, stepped in and promptly informed me about the situation. Together, we continued with a productive phone call to plan the session seamlessly. Witnessing their smooth collaboration in handling family matters left me thoroughly impressed.

It came as no surprise to me that Stefanie and James also run a thriving physical therapy business, Boston Health & Wellness, which specializes in orthopedic, sports, and pelvic floor physical therapy. Their teamwork and dedication to their professional practice mirror the harmonious balance they maintain in their family life.

Boston Newborn Photography by Alice Lin Photography in Woburn

During our photo session, their little bundle of joy, baby David, was an absolute blessing. He slept peacefully for most of the time, allowing us to capture some heartwarming sleeping baby portraits that melted our hearts.

Woburn Newborn Photography wrapping in blue

Newborn portrait with sleeping hat

In the end of the session Baby David woke up, treating us to a series of cute and funny facial expressions that resulted in some unforgettable shots.

Boston Newborn Photography

Newborn portrait baby boy

Newborn baby boy in a basket

Babies grow fast. Let's capture these cherished moments of your newborn! Book your session today with Alice Lin Photography!

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