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Blue Elephant Balloon Ride Cake Smash | Braintree first birthday photographer

I am truly grateful for the dedication of baby Rory's mom, who drove all the way from Braintree to my Woburn studio to capture her son's memorable cake smash session. Baby Rory was an absolute cutie, boasting an impressive head of hair that his mom revealed was the result of several haircuts throughout his first year. Like many babies during cake smash sessions, Rory needed some time to warm up as he entered the stranger danger phase. Thankfully, Rory's mom had carefully read my tips for parents to prepare for their child's first birthday photo shoot, but unfortunately, the tricks that usually made Rory laugh at home no longer seemed to work. However, with patience and some exploration time on his own, we discovered a delightful solution—Rory's mom running around the studio turned out to be incredibly amusing for him. Not only did Baby Rory have a blast, but his mom also got her daily workout in the process.

baby boy 1st birthday portrait

Blue Elephant theme cake smash for baby boy's first birthday

baby boy standing for his first birthday

blue themed cake smash for baby boy

baby boy eating cake for his first birthday

baby boy smash cake for his first birthday

Braintree cake smash photographer

The blue elephant theme is undeniably charming and popular among boys. Elephants have long been a beloved element for baby showers, making it an ideal choice to incorporate into the cake smash session. Moms can proudly display their baby shower photos alongside the adorable blue elephant theme during their child's first birthday celebration, resulting in an irresistibly cute combination.

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