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Boston First Birthday Photoshoot | Lemonade Stand Cake Smash

Before I dove into my career as a full-time photographer, I used to work at a FinTech gig with Annie. As soon as she found out I was switching to family photography, she quickly booked a newborn photoshoot for her baby. It's crazy how time flies – I blinked, and her little newborn Lydia had already turned into a lively toddler. It's been amazing watching the family grow and Lydia grow up.

Newborn baby girl by Alice Lin Photography

Annie's a champ when it comes to planning. She had this session locked in a few months ahead of Lydia's birthday and brought along the cutest outfits. But you know how it goes with babies; you can't predict what'll happen. Annie's plan was to let Lydia nap in the car on their hour-long drive to my studio. But it seemed like Lydia had some kind of sixth sense about the photo session excitement because she refused to nap. Annie urged me to work fast, and we managed to snap some adorable shots of Lydia before she hit her cranky phase.

We started with some family photos in my Boho Lifestyle Setup

I love the outfit Annie picked for baby Lydia.

baby girl first birthday photoshoot boho lifestyle

baby girl first birthday photoshoot

Then we did some simple baby portraits.

first birthday portrait photoshoot

The last and the most important is the cake smash.

Lemonade Stand Cake Smash

Baby girl first birthday cake smash

baby girl eating cake

To view more cake smash photos by Alice, click here. Book your cake smash session today with Alice Lin photography!


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