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Capturing Precious Moments: Newton Outdoor Maternity Session

I am thrilled to share the delightful experience of capturing precious moments during an outdoor maternity session in Newton, MA. Our beautiful mama, Ying, and her wonderful family created lasting memories amidst the serene backdrop of Auburndale Park.

Ying, a radiant mother-to-be, wanted to ensure a relaxing environment for her slightly shy big brother. By choosing an outdoor location, Auburndale Park, she made a smart decision that allowed her active toddler to freely explore and enjoy the session. The park's expansive space provided ample room for him to run around and be his playful, curious self.

Maternity photo taken in Newton MA

As a professional photographer, it is essential to capture not only the expectant mother's beauty but also the individuality and excitement of each family member. Understanding the significance of this, I made sure to dedicate a portion of the session to capturing solo pictures of the big brother-to-be.

toddler boy playing in Auburndale Park

Every family has a unique dynamic, and this session beautifully showcased the bonds of love within Ying's family. The tender moments captured between the expectant mother and her big brother-to-be exuded warmth and affection. From sharing laughter to stealing glances, their connection was undeniable.

Maternity session and family photo

The Newton outdoor maternity session was a heartwarming experience filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments. The decision to choose Auburndale Park provided an ideal backdrop for capturing the essence of this beautiful family. From the shy big brother-to-be to the radiant mother and her loving partner, the session encapsulated the anticipation and joy of welcoming a new member into their lives.

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