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Classic Newborn Portrait | Boston Newborn Photography

Many of my photography sessions are typically booked by moms, a trend I've observed across various photographers' websites where messages primarily target moms. However, I must say that it's truly heartwarming and impressive when a dad takes the initiative to contact me and arrange a session. Such dads are not only enthusiastic about the booking process but also actively participate in the preparations.

Boston Newborn Photoshoot

white classic newborn portrait

One such memorable session was for Baby Lily, whose awesome dad, Andy, was the driving force behind the booking. Andy reached out to me and remained engaged throughout the entire booking process. Although Lily's mother also joined the pre-session consultation, it was clear that both parents were equally invested in creating a special experience for their little one.

blue baby girl newborn portrait by Boston Newborn photographer

Boston Newborn Photoshoot

Baby Lily was an absolute delight during the session. She peacefully slept through it all, allowing me to have a productive session with multiple outfits. I love holding newborns, they are so soft and tiny (but baby lily was a bit on the chunkier side compared to others)

Discovering that Lily's parents, Andy and his wife, Katie, share a love for the outdoors and have a preference for colors like green and blue over traditional pink was a pleasant surprise. This unique preference led us to create a beautiful green-themed set that I have cherished, as it isn't often I get the opportunity to use it, given the prevalence of pink for baby girls.

Green theme newborn photoshoot for baby girl

green newborn props

What adds to the charm of each session is getting to know the families behind the lens. It was heartening to learn that Andy and Katie are high school sweethearts who have embarked on a journey across the country as they started their family. I eagerly anticipate being a part of their growing family's milestones and capturing the precious moments along the way.

Book your newborn session today with Alice! The best time to capture newborn portraits is between 7-15 days!


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