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Harry Potter Themed Cake Smash

Working with parents to select a theme for a cake smash session is a process I enjoy. In the case of baby Toby, his father's love for Harry Potter inspired us to create a magical atmosphere for his session. Even though Toby didn't speak, his enjoyment of the theme (and especially the cake!) was palpable. Toby did an excellent job of smashing the cake and making a mess, which is exactly what we hope to see in a cake smash session.

Baby Toby was warming up for the cake smash session.

Actually half of the time, cakes were not smashed by the baby. It was usually done by the photographer or the parents. But in the case of baby Toby, he did it all by himself! Nice Job Toby!

I can tell it is not a spoon to baby Toby, it is a wand for sure.

To me, a cake smash session isn't truly complete without including a splash component. Baby Toby seemed to enjoy his time in the little bathtub just as much as he enjoyed the cake itself.

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May 01, 2023

Love it!

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