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How to Prepare for a Professional Portrait

Professional images on LinkedIn or other recruiting sites will leave visitors a great first impression. Here are some tips for great professional portraits.

  • Solid color without patterns. Bold or busy patterns tend to distract from your face. My backdrop options are dark grey, black and white. Please wear something that will contrast with the backdrop.

  • Opt for tighter clothing. Please avoid loose or baggy clothing

  • Avoid the undershirt and ‘Floppy Collar’. If you have to wear an undershirt, please go with V-neck undershirts.

  • Iron your outfit before the session.

  • Stick with simple jewelry

  • Don't forget to bring shoes that match your outfit if you plan to have full body shot.

  • Lips need to be exfoliated and moisturized too. If you have dry lips due to the weather, please start to apply lip balm a few days prior to the session. Lip color shouldn't be too bright or bold

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