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Newton Newborn Photoshoot

The initial introduction to Megan's family occurred on the occasion of her older child's birth. Megan had been one of my earliest clients for a newborn photography session. Reconnecting with returning clients and witnessing their family's growth has always been a delightful experience for me. I'm continually astounded by how quickly babies develop. Megan's family made the journey from Newton, MA to my studio in Woburn, which is not a long drive. But I truly appreciate families who make the effort to come to my studio with their newborns. As a mom of two, I understand how hard it is to take the whole family out after labor.

During a newborn session, capturing family photos is absolutely essential. It marks the inception of a new family and holds significant importance.

newborn photoshoot with family members by Alice Lin Photography

Woburn Newborn Photoshoot by Alice Lin Photography

Newton Newborn Photography

Mom and newborn baby portrait

Following that, we move on to sibling photos.

Newborn and sibling photoshoot

brothers photos by Alice Lin Photography

Although I conduct newborn sessions frequently, there's something truly heartwarming about cradling a tiny, delicate baby in my hands that never fails to touch my soul. The session concludes with the precious newborn portraits.

Newborn baby boy in blue wrap

Newborn baby boy portrait

Bunny newborn photos


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