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Simple Baby Portraits | Boston First Birthday Photoshoot

Baby Shea arrived at my studio with a touch of apprehension, a common reaction for one-year-olds stepping into a new environment. To ensure each baby has ample time to acclimate, I always set aside some buffer time for them. After helping Shea's mom dress her up, I let them sit together in the setup, so that her mom can engage in soothing conversation.

Gradually, Shea began to ease into the unfamiliar surroundings, though she clung to her mom's presence. To provide her with a sense of security, I allowed Shea's mom to stay close by. Throughout the session, her mom expressed apologies, claiming that Shea wasn't at her best. However, when you take a look at the resulting photographs, it's hard to deny their charm. These simple yet endearing portraits are perfect for commemorating a first birthday.

baby first birthday photoshoot in Boston, MA

red theme baby girl first birthday photoshoot

Red hair baby girl photoshoot

Boston baby first birthday portrait

Winchester baby first birthday photoshoot

Lexington baby 1st birthday photo session

Simple portrait for baby girl's first birthday

baby portrait for baby's first birthday

baby portrait for 1st birthday by Alice Lin Photography

one year old baby girl in a basket

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