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Studio Maternity Session

When Wenting's family returned to my studio, I couldn't believe how the little bundle of joy had transformed into a handsome big brother-to-be! Time has flown by so swiftly. The first time I had the privilege of photographing Wenting's family was to celebrate her first baby's 100-day milestone. Back then, I had just embarked on my photography venture on the side. Fast forward five years, Wenting is now expecting her second child, and my photography business has blossomed alongside her journey, as well as that of countless other families who have continually entrusted me with capturing their precious milestones.

Wenting's eldest son was an absolute delight to work with and proved to be an excellent model. We had an enjoyable time creating my Boho lifestyle-themed setup. Subsequently, we transitioned to capturing some classic portraits against a pristine white background. My goal is to encapsulate various facets of a family's essence. For this maternity session, I aimed to convey both authentic and pure portraits, as well as vibrant and interactive moments within the lifestyle setting. I firmly believe this combination provides a well-rounded collection of studio family portraits.

Woburn Maternity Photo session

studio maternity photoshoot

The optimal window for maternity sessions falls between the 30th and 34th weeks of pregnancy, a time when the beautiful curve of motherhood is most pronounced, and mothers still feel comfortable and agile enough to pose gracefully. During studio sessions, mothers have the flexibility to choose from my wardrobe collection or bring their own outfits.

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