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Underwater World Theme Cake Smash | Boston Cake Smash Photographer

Prepare to be enchanted by the delightful adventure of baby Sammy as he embarks on an undersea journey. Ashley, his mom, shared that he has a profound fascination with fish tanks and ocean creatures. Inspired by his love for the marine world, we decided to create a captivating under the sea theme for Sammy's cake smash session.

one year old baby boy with a cake celebrating his first birthday

To commence the session, we began with some heartwarming family photos in the cozy Boho lifestyle corner of my studio. Baby Sammy shared tender moments with his loving parents, creating beautiful memories that will be cherished forever. I always prioritize capturing family photos at the start as it helps the baby acclimate to the studio environment. For those who choose the Classic session, exclusively focusing on the baby, I encourage parents to engage and interact with their little one for a short while before we commence shooting.

Family Photo in Woburn, MA

Mom and Baby boy in Woburn, MA

Following the family portraits, we dedicated some time to capturing precious solo portraits of baby Sammy before the cake smash. Sammy, although a touch shy, found comfort in his mother's embrace as she held him in the Mother's Day chair. In order to ensure a relaxed atmosphere, we proceeded at a gentle pace, allowing Sammy to lead the way.

baby boy celebrate his 1st birthday

One year old baby portrait in Woburn, MA

Mom and her one year old baby boy

Once baby Sammy was ready, we delved into the cake smash session. Sammy truly blossomed during this segment, reveling in the excitement and playfulness. Laughter filled the room as he explored the delicious cake before him, creating priceless and adorable moments.

Boston Cake Smash Photographer

Underwater world theme cake smash

baby shark theme cake smash with daddy and mommy

one year old baby photo session in bath tub

The entire session lasted approximately an hour, with a brief intermission to recharge. The first birthday is a significant milestone not only for the baby but also for the parents, marking a year of remarkable growth and love. If you desire to capture these joyous moments, I invite you to book your own cake smash session today with Alice Lin Photography. Let us capture the magic and celebrate your little one's journey through their first year.


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