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Wild One Cake Smash | Boston Cake Smash Photographer

Baby Elliot's session went incredibly smoothly and quickly. His mom had decided to dedicate the session entirely to him, and he proved to be a contented and joyful baby. Surprisingly, we didn't even need any warm-up time. He simply sat there and started smiling right away. There was a brief moment of unhappiness when we changed his outfit, but overall, as soon as he sat in front of the camera, his face would light up with smiles and laughter.


I always advise moms that during such sessions, babies can become overstimulated, which might slightly disrupt their usual schedule for the day. Many babies tend to fall asleep right after the session, even if it's not their regular nap time. However, Baby Elliot surprised us by sticking to his usual nap schedule, as his mom later messaged me. I truly appreciate Elliot's mom for following my recommendations and maintaining a consistent pace.

First Birthday boy in boho lifestyle set up

Although I only schedule one baby session per day, I always make sure to manage the session's rhythm effectively. This way, we avoid exhausting the baby during the initial setups and prevent any fussiness towards the end. Elliot's mom's complete trust in my process allowed us to capture some truly amazing shots for each setup.



traditional Chinese painting style portrait

party board design for first birthday


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