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Wild One Themed Cake Smash | Woburn Cake Smash Photographer

Baby Arsh's mom stands out as one of the most remarkably well-prepared mothers for photo sessions. During our pre-session consultation over the phone, she thoroughly articulated her vision and even brought along two substantial props for the photoshoot. The first, a charming tiger prop for the "Wild One" theme cake smash, and the second, a delightful little car adorned with Baby Arsh's full name on the license plate. It was incredibly endearing. Baby Arsh absolutely shone during the session, resulting in an abundance of delightful and adorable photographs. Remarkably, the session was also quite swift. I genuinely admire mothers who exhibit such dedication and readiness, just as Baby Arsh's mom did. Happy birthday, Baby Arsh!

one year old baby portrait

1st birthday photoshoot

first birthday photoshoot by Alice Lin Photography

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