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Boho Lifestyle Family Photo | Boston Studio Family Photographer

The Boho lifestyle setup is an immensely popular choice for family portraits, especially for families with energetic little ones who may not easily cooperate in a formal setting where everyone must sit still and pose for the camera. The Boho style exudes a timeless and laid-back vibe, allowing kids to be themselves and remain active during the session. I particularly adore capturing family cuddling moments within my Boho setups, where little babies can relax comfortably, and older kids joyfully jump on the bed.

family session in BOHO lifestyle set up with Alice Lin Photography

Family session at Alice Lin Photography BOHO lifestyle set up

baby first birthday at Alice Lin Photography professional studio

family session in BOHO lifestyle set up at Alice Lin Photography studio

To complement my Boho setup perfectly, I highly recommend outfits in natural color palettes. White, creamy, and lace attire works exceptionally well and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look. For your convenience, I have curated a Pinterest board with outfit ideas that harmonize beautifully with my setup, ensuring you'll have an unforgettable and visually stunning family portrait experience.

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