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Family Fun Day Getaway from Boston

Every week, we set aside a special day devoted solely to family adventures—a cherished tradition where work and obligations take a back seat, allowing us to focus solely on making memories together. As a parent, I'm acutely aware of how swiftly children grow, and I'm determined to seize every opportunity to bond with them while they're still young. This commitment to family is what inspired my passion for family photography; I strive to capture these fleeting moments, not for perfection, but to preserve the genuine joy of our experiences.

This past weekend, we embarked on a delightful excursion to Wicked Tulips farm in Exeter, RI, a decision made on a whim after spotting an enticing offer in their newsletter. Despite the less-than-ideal weather and the inevitable muddy mishaps, such as Ellen's encounter with a puddle, our spirits remained undampened. After all, it's the authentic, unscripted moments that truly define our family adventures. Henry, our spirited 8-year-old, never fails to inject his signature brand of humor into photos.

Following our flowery escapade, we ventured to Jahunger, a vibrant Uyghur eatery near Brown University, where we savored spicy delights that tantalized our taste buds. Our impromptu visit to Roger Williams Botanic Garden turned out to be a stroke of luck, with its enchanting fairy houses and engaging activities captivating both kids and adults alike. Despite being two months past Chinese New Year, remnants of the festive spirit lingered in the garden, promising a return visit for future celebrations.

My favorite thing at the Fairy House display--a wooden camera

Fairy House Days at Roger William Botanic Garden

Making magic wands at Roger Williams Botanic Garden

Some Chinese New Year Decoration at Roger William Botanic Garden

A stroll through the tranquil Japanese garden provided a serene contrast to our lively day, though the allure of the indoor carousel and outdoor playground proved irresistible to Henry and Ellen. As the day drew to a close, we reflected on the countless moments of joy and connection we'd shared—a testament to the magic of quality family time.

Japanese Garden at Roger William Park

Our whirlwind day trip to Rhode Island may have been brief, but the memories we created will endure for a lifetime. Until our next adventure!

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Apr 25

Aww, such a fun day. Saved it for my next family day trip! Your kids are lucky to have a family photographer mom!


Apr 25

Such a fun trip! Didn't know these hidden gems near Boston! Great family photos!

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