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Tips for Including Toddler Siblings in Newborn Photos | Boston Newborn Photographer

Being a mom of two, I clearly remember those chaotic days when my second child came along. Despite all the preparation I did to help my older one adjust to becoming a big brother, it wasn't easy, especially since he was only 3 when his sister arrived. As a photographer specializing in newborns, capturing moments with both newborns and toddlers presents its own challenges. Here are some simple tips that have helped me make these sessions enjoyable for everyone involved:

newborn sibling photo by Alice Lin Photography

  1. Make the older sibling feel special: When families come to my studio, I make it a point to first connect with the older sibling, even if they're just a toddler. I chat with them and make them feel important, letting them know that this session is about them too.

  2. Take solo shots of the older sibling: While mom gets the little one ready, I often take some individual photos of the older sibling or let dad spend some quality time with them before we start the family photos.

Toddler photo

3. Prioritize safety during sibling photos: After the family pictures, I focus on capturing shots of the siblings together. I always ensure that at least one parent is nearby to keep an eye on them, especially if the older sibling is very active and might accidentally forget being gentle to the baby.

newborn baby girl

4. Encourage interaction without pressure: I never force a toddler to do anything, but I also don't overwhelm them with too many choices. Instead, I gently guide the interaction, asking questions or suggesting activities that naturally bring them closer to their sibling.

Newborn Sibling Photo

5.A little bribery can help: For older siblings around 4 or 5 years old, a small reward can motivate them and make the photo session more cooperative.

newborn sibling photo ideas

6. Allow breaks when necessary: While I try to get the family and sibling shots done first, if I notice the toddler needs a break, I suggest one parent focus on them for a while with snacks or playtime until they're ready to join the session again.

Newborn family photo

Parents of newborns and toddlers already have enough on their plates, so rest assured, I've got the photography covered! No need to stress about how your toddler will behave during the session.

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