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The Best Time to Photograph Baby Milestones

Capturing the precious moments of your baby's milestones is a wonderful way to create lasting memories. From the newborn stage to the first birthday, each milestone holds its own significance. However, knowing the best time to photograph these milestones can greatly enhance the quality and variety of your baby's portraits. In this blog post, we will explore the ideal timings for photographing different baby milestones.

Newborn Session (5-15 days): The best time to schedule a newborn session is within the first 5-15 days after birth. During this period, babies tend to sleep for longer durations, allowing us to capture adorable sleeping baby portraits. These early days are also when babies are most flexible, making it easier to pose them for those cute and cozy shots.

Newborn baby girl in purple set up

100 Days Milestone Session (3-4 months): For the 100 days milestone session, it is recommended to wait until the baby is around 4 months old. By this time, babies have gained more head control and are able to do tummy time without support. They may also start rolling over on their own, which adds an element of exploration and interaction to the photographs. This session offers more diverse poses and captures the baby's growing curiosity and personality.

100 days milestone baby boy

Sitter Milestone Session (7-8 months): Around 7-8 months, most babies develop the ability to sit without any support. This is a significant milestone as it signifies increased mobility and independence. The sitter milestone session is an ideal time to capture adorable expressions and playful interactions. Babies at this stage are full of smiles and are often intrigued by their surroundings, making for delightful photo opportunities.

sitter milestone

First Birthday Session (10-11 months): Planning a first birthday session around 10-11 months is recommended to ensure the photos are ready in time for the birthday party. By this age, babies may be standing with support or even taking their first steps. The session can include portraits, as well as candid shots of the baby enjoying their first taste of cake or playing with balloons. It's a special milestone to celebrate and remember.

frozen theme cake smash for first birthday

Maternity Photos (30-36 weeks): Maternity photos capture the beauty of pregnancy and the anticipation of the arrival of your little one. It is generally recommended to schedule maternity sessions between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, the baby bump is more prominent, creating a stunning visual element in the photographs. Additionally, mothers are typically more comfortable during this time and less exhausted from the physical demands of late pregnancy.

Woburn Maternity Portrait

(This is me with my second baby!)

Each baby milestone holds its own charm and significance. By understanding the best times to photograph these milestones, you can ensure that you capture the essence of each stage of your baby's journey. From the peaceful slumber of a newborn to the playful curiosity of a sitter, and the joyous celebration of a first birthday, these photographs will become treasured memories for years to come. Remember to book your sessions with Alice well in advance, allowing ample time to prepare and create beautiful portraits that you will cherish forever.


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